The TruAge™ Complete Collection testing kit presents a full range of epigenetic age tracking reports and age computation methods, delivering a detailed view of biological aging. It features Dunedin PACE, the sole age computation method open to the public that relies on observable traits and health indicators instead of just calendar age. Provided by TruDiagnostic, this test can be performed in the comfort of your home via a shippable kit. 

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At-Home Biological Age Test

Biological Age Test Kit

Biological Age Test Kit

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Did you know your biological age can differ from your chronological age?

TruAge™ Complete Collection, a home-based biological aging assessment, probes the speed at which your body is currently aging on a microscopic scale. Among our two evaluation methods, Complete TruAge gives the most exhaustive and deep-dive insight into various biological components of aging.

TruAge™ Complete is the preferred choice for anti-aging enthusiasts seeking a thorough understanding of their starting aging parameters, along with detailed study of specific biomarkers related to aging.

TruAge™ Complete provides answers to these aging-centric queries: 

  1. What's the biological age of my body in comparison to my chronological age?
  2. For each passing calendar year, what's the actual aging rate of my body?
  3. What's the length of my telomeres?
  4. How is my alcohol consumption influencing my DNA expression and the aging process?
  5. Can I expect to lose weight if I limit my calorie intake, according to my DNA expression?
  6. What's the impact of my lifetime exposure to tobacco smoke on my DNA expression and aging procedures?
  7. How can I enhance my biological metrics related to aging?
  8. What insights does my raw data offer?
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    Follow instructions to collect and ship your samples to the lab with the included prepaid package

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    Discover your biological age based on your TruAge™ results within 2-3 weeks!